About Revue

Revue is an editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers.

After years of advertising and click-bait, the industry is changing; newsletters are a great way to build a direct relationship with your readers, guarantee control over your own destiny, and even get paid for it.

We simplify curation of a readable newsletter in minutes with no conversion buttons, marketing hacks or other distractions. Long-form or short, we’ll make it beautiful.

Add a tweet, embed a video, write a paragraph or two — and hit send. Write a free newsletter to grow your audience, and add a paid newsletter to monetize only when you’re ready.


Martijn de Kuijper founded Revue in 2015 out of frustration about the noise on Twitter and Facebook. It seemed that quantity was beating quality, and he was missing articles by his favorite authors. That doesn’t happen with email, he thought, and created a platform for content newsletters.

Early adopters loved Revue for its simple editor and very readable email template. Using the service, it was possible to consistently reach a smaller but loyal audience with longer text. This appealed to experts who could reach their most interested readers on a weekly basis.

Turns out that noise wasn’t the biggest problem with social media’s algorithms. Far worse, trust issues started surfacing, culminating in the current fake news crisis. An email newsletter can help. Its sent personally, in the author’s name. And requires readers to opt-in by subscribing. This lead to many journalists and publishers adopting Revue for editorial newsletters.

The recent push of publishers towards subscription revenue aligns well with email newsletters. Revue wanted to support publishers in their push away from advertising based revenue models towards subscriptions and has now added support for paid newsletters.

  • Best in class content creation tools for newsletters
  • Integrations with WordPress, Medium and more
  • Highly readable template for long texts
  • Simple newsletter monetization, with free newsletter + paid newsletter in one place
  • No coding skills required
  • Rich web profile for your newsletter on the web
  • Highly affordable pricing
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Martijn de Kuijper Mohamed El Maslouhi

Based in Utrecht, Netherlands
Founded on Feb, 2015


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